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12/11/18 Lea Hill board meeting
Board present:
Carol Kidd
Sandra Jones
Rachael Hahn
Denton Thorbeck
Management present:
Eydie Leighty
Owners present:
Augustin, Oscar, David Andreotti and? TBD
Treasurers report:
  • $368 received from SABA as collection from a past debt
  • Authorize Eydie to move forward on lawsuit for large debt. Ok to waive interest if needed.
  • Issue 3054 $1719 SABA discovered some assets; vote to move forward to collect remaining funds
  • 3 payment plans pending, 1 has started paying
  • Okay for Eydie to set up payment plans as they come in
  • Liens filed at $400 past due
  • 2 scheduled to file liens this week
  • Top 12 - 12th person has over $1000 but house is for sale so it will be paid off
  • More payment plan requests are coming in
  • Ok to move additional $4000 to reserves
  • Current balance is $20,0000
  • 2 other cases cleared since last meeting; one for $491
Old business:
  • Denton needs to get added to bank account still
  • Parking concerns brought up by residents: Augustin, Oscar, David Andreotti, 30 day hold while situation reviewed
  • Code compliance issues, Eydie will follow up
  • Following up on paint/parking for fire zones
New Business:
  • Chickens loose by clubhouse - reported to Animal Control; owner now identified
  • Board Approved budget for next year unanimously
Meeting adjourned