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11/13/18 Meeting
Board present:
Rachael Hahn
Ken Hahn
Sandra Jones
Carol Kidd
Managers present:
Eydie Leighty
Michael Leighty
Owners present:
Secretaries report:
Eydie read 10/9 Meeting notes, Sandra motioned to approve, Rachael seconded, Passed unanimously
Treasurers report:
  • Operating $18,970
  • Reserves $113,905
  • Assets $132,876.97
  • Eydie recommending move $6000 to reserves - motion made, seconded and passed unanimously
  • As of 11/8:
  • 14 liens
  • 1 balance $581.18 due 10/27 has had no word; agreed to move to lien
  • 4 had warnings and will lien by 12/9 if no response
  • 1 has older lien - want to re-lien
  • 1 has made a payment but has not responded with payment plans
  • As of December, late fines kick in
Old business:
  • Check on vote required issues and respond
  • Issue 3357 blue tarp approved 30 days for resolution
  • Get quote from landscaper re: removing sign at clubhouse
  • Fire lanes - need 2 dry days in a row.
  • City still waiting on signs to come in to finish installing signs
  • Clubhouse chain cut again.
  • Denton on bank account?
New business:
  • Trespass agreement with police, can call and have people trespassed from property
  • Basketball hoop has been broken already
  • Ken and Rachael putting house on market and will be stepping down
  • Elizabeth is VP but has not been available for meetings - must step down, still have Carol, Sandra and Denton
Meeting adjourned 8:13pm