Section 1. Common Area: The entire common area shall be subject to an easement of access and enjoyment for all member Owners of the Association.
Section 2. Utilities: All property, both private and the Common Area, shall be subject to an easement for public utilities of all types.
Section 3. Roof Overhang: There will be a maximum roof overhang easement of two (2) foot on the adjacent Lot where a zero Lot line exists.
Section 4. Maintenance: Each wall which is built as a part of the original construction of the homes or Units upon the properties and placed on the dividing lines between the Lots shall constitute a party wall and each owner therein shall have an easement over the adjacent property for maintenance of exterior walls, roofs and sidings and this easement for maintenance shall run with the land.
Section 5. Turn-Around Area: An easement is hereby reserved at the interior of each 20 foot Association-owned road, which has a dead end, sufficient to construct a turn-around area for use by vehicular traffic.